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If you're a growth-minded nonprofit Director, President, CEO or Founder who is looking to take your nonprofit to the next level through strategic planning and fundraising then reading this page may be one of the best investments you can make for your cause.
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Clear vision, consistent funding, and unity with your team requires a shift away from old habits. The old way of leading your team means a lot of hand-holding, time-consuming meetings, and tedious tasks not sure if the money will come in and hoping things will get better. But chasing donations and hoping everyone will get along is stressful and frustrating.

That's Why We're Thrilled You Have an Interest In the Nonprofit Executive Club.

We're Mary Valloni and Joel Kessel, and the system we provide eliminates stress, helps you grow your donor base, stay "top of mind" with supporters, and build relationships in a way that creates dependable, reliable support for your nonprofit … every single year.

We've helped organizations like the United Way, National Runaway Safeline, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, Special Olympics and many more generate the dollars they need with a strong strategic plan. We've seen what works (and what doesn't) and we're here to help you build long-lasting, stable financial support.

"For years we just couldn't get general donations to come in, but we were GREAT at getting project funds. Well last month we got a random $500 donation from someone we didn't know and today we got a check for $1000 from an anonymous donor. That definitely didn't happen before we started working with Mary!"

Tiffany Westrich-Robertson
Executive Director, International Foundation of AI Arthritis (IFAA)

"Our board lacked strategic direction and we were going through the motions without a plan. Joel came in and immediately got us talking as a group about our hopes and dreams for a life without violence. His ability to genuinely engage a group, and ask pointed relevant questions, sparked a lot of passion in folks. We now have a clear path into the future, I feel less stressed, and I’m proud of the accomplishments we’re going to make in the future."

Kathy Ezawa
Executive Director, The Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc.

So What is the Nonprofit Executive Club?

The Executive Club is a monthly training program that gives you the ability to increase your impact through strategic planning and fundraising support.

We've pulled from over 40 years of working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations and distilled it down to 7 key strategies that will make all the difference for you.

This is the EXACT plan we use to help charities create sustainable growth year after year!

When you apply this system and strategies, you’ll have more breathing room, less stress, and the time to create more balance, so you're not working nights and weekends.

How Does the Nonprofit Executive Club Work?

Live Coaching Calls,  Ongoing Community Support + Direct Access to a Strategic Advisor and a Fundraising Coach

Each month you'll have access to two live coaching calls with Joel and Mary and ongoing support from your peers in nonprofit executive positions around the world. We'll hit on topics like... "How to Create a Strategic Plan," "How to Enlist a Fundraising Team," and "How to Make the Ask."

On-Demand Access from Any Online Device

This includes exercises that help you retain everything you’ve learned AND, the entire site is optimized for your mobile device so that learning on the go is easy and convenient.

We Will Be WITH You the Entire Time.

The Nonprofit Executive Club is very step-by-step but it’s natural to have questions. That’s why we've gone to great lengths to ensure you’ll have coaches and colleagues with you throughout the entire journey.

Live Monthly Strategy Calls with Joel

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month we'll give you actionable training and support to ensure you stay on track with your strategic plan. Calls will be recorded if you can't make it and Joel will address your specific strategy questions, LIVE.


Live Monthly Fundraising Calls with Mary

On the 4th Tuesday of each month we'll be sure you have the support you need to raise the funds for your mission. Calls will be recorded if you can't join us and Mary will address your specific fundraising questions, LIVE.



Online Community

You can always get instant answers from the Executive Club Community. Interact, engage and tap into the wisdom of Executive Club members from around the world. The great thing is that they aren't your nonprofit competitors and you can openly share ideas and strategy in a closed community.

Everything You Need Will Be At Your Fingertips. We're Not Throwing You Random Tactics, We're Training You In A Proven System.

This is based on our experience working with thousands of organizations. It’s based on our real-world experience of being in the trenches helping nonprofit organizations like the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, and Special Olympics raise high 6 and even 7-figures.

It's also based on the hours and hours we spend every year consulting high level organizations from all around the world. These are the exact strategies and ideas you need to launch, grow, and scale your organization. The best part? We're going to be with you every step of the way.

Who Is the Nonprofit Executive Club For?

Our clients range from startup organizations eager to establish a strong nonprofit to those who have years and decades of experience. All have the same mission: to impact more lives and not let the lack of a plan or money get in the way.

If you’re reading this, we have no doubt that you take your cause seriously. You know it’s your path to creating change for the people you serve. It’s the organization you've been called to lead.

So, here's our question for you:

Are you ready to step up into a bigger vision? Are you ready to start raising more funds? Or dramatically growing your donor base? Are you ready to step into everything that more financial stability would mean for your cause? More building projects? More resources for the people you serve? A bigger impact in the world?

If you know that anything is possible with the right strategy, the right support and total focus and commitment, then the Nonprofit Executive Club is for you.

Who Is the Nonprofit Executive Club NOT For?


It's Not for the "Tire Kicker"

This is the person who just wants to “kind of” check things out. You can’t “kind of” create a thriving nonprofit. Success doesn’t just “kind of” happen. You have to be intentional right from the get go.

Getting results takes a commitment. Would you want to fly with a pilot who “kind of” knew how to fly? Or go into surgery with a doctor who “kind of” knew what she was doing? Of course not!

The Nonprofit Executive Club is for people who are committed to leading their team a better way and are willing to shift away from old habits. If the commitment isn’t there, then this is NOT the right program for you and I ask that you please do not sign up.


It's Not for the "Money Magician"

This is the person who thinks that just by enrolling, thousands of dollars are going to magically start rolling into the bank account. As mentioned above, it takes a commitment to learn and actually requires action. You have to implement.

If you apply what you learn, you will get results. But the results won’t come just because you enrolled. You have to actually use what you learn.


It's Not for the "Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All" or "Been There, Done That"

What we'll be sharing with you works and we have LOTS of real world stories of clients who have seen incredible results. If you’re someone who likes to focus on why something “wouldn’t work”, then this is not for you either.

Many of the strategies in the Executive Club are counterintuitive to what most people think – and that’s partly why they work so well. You have to be open to what we share otherwise it’s going to be a frustrating experience for everyone involved.

There Has Never Been a Better Time THAN RIGHT NOW.

We live in an exciting time. Never before has there been so much opportunity to reach and serve so many people. But that also means there is a lot of change that’s happening around us. Some people will keep up with the change. Others will not.

To make the progress you want for your cause, you’ve got to break your old habits. The way you’re going to do that is by investing in this program. We will walk you through, step-by-step, the process of creating a strategic plan and raising the funds to fulfill it with more stability and less stress.


As you look to make a decision, just know this … your time is valuable. The more effective and busier your organization becomes, the more valuable your time becomes. But that creates tension, and you will continue to feel that tension unless you find a way to leverage your time and energy . . . better.  

We both know that you can’t produce more time. But you can make a shift. You can shift away from making it up as you go continuously feeling like you can never keep up...and commit to a model that will allow you to leverage your time, serve your people in a bigger way, and produce sustainable income.

Ask yourself this…What is important right now? What do you want to achieve in the months ahead? What goals do you have that keep getting pushed to the back burner because you’re always too busy trying to keep your head above water?

You have an opportunity to do something about that right now. Today. If you want to make a difference, in your life and in the lives of your community, then join us. 

We Will Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

The Nonprofit Executive Club is a program that will help you create far more leverage in your community and in your life. So if you want to free up your time, create clarity and raise more funds with less stress and better results, then I invite you to say “yes”. Yes to more leverage. Yes to sustainable funds. Yes to a greater impact for your community.

Let this be the beginning of your journey. We look forward to being here to guide you along the way. Click the button below and register now. We'll see you inside the club. 


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